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Business Services

Networking Services

Akua Solutions offers a full array of network services. From ground-up structured cabling to single device additions, our technicians can address any networking concern your business encounters in today's technology-driven world.

AntiVirus, Anti-Malware and Security Setup

Corporate firewalls alone are not enough to protect your company's computers from the threat of viruses, spyware and adware. Call the security experts at Akua Solutions. We'll lock down your vulnerable computers, then setup and configure a proper security suite to help keep your systems secure and running smoothly.

Tune-Up and Optimization

Optimize your system for maximum performance and reliability with literally hundreds of enhancements and hidden tweaks. Call Akua Solutions and start experiencing your technology investment's true capabilities.

Operating System Installation and Upgrade

Ready to upgrade your workstations or servers to the latest version of Windows? Often times, a new operating system will require newer versions of any software installed on the computer. We'll prepare a detailed report on your upgrade so you're well informed before moving forward. Don't risk costly downtime – call the experts at Akua Solutions.

Data Protection

Protecting your data against every day mistakes or disastrous system failure is a critical need for today's business. Let the experts at Akua Solutions set up an automated data backup for your servers or workstations and put your mind at ease. We also offer one-time data backups or data migration services as needed.

Data Recovery

Recover accidentally deleted files or data trapped by a failing hard drive with our data recovery service. Akua Solutions will scour your drive for all recoverable files and back them up to a CD/DVD or USB hard drive. Note: full recovery cannot be guaranteed by anyone.

Software Services

Avoid the downtime caused from failed software installations, call Akua Solutions and let us handle your next installation or upgrade project. This service covers the installation/upgrade of one software product (suite or single title), such as Microsoft Office or Adobe CS3, along with installation of the product's latest security patches and updates (high-speed internet access required). Software and Licenses are not included, and must be purchased separately before installation or upgrade.

Physical Cleaning

For maximum lifespan and performance, computers and servers should be carefully cleaned inside and out every 3 to 6 months. This prevents moisture and head build-up which can cause catastrophic failure. Don't chance your company's future on such failures, have Akua Solutions take care of this vital need.