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Residential Networking

Home Networking

Installation (new network)

Share your pictures, files, music, movies, printers and internet access between multiple computers and internet-capable game consoles with a home network from Akua Solutions. We'll assess your needs and install a home networking solution that's right for you.

Installation (per device)

Why struggle with the often complex task of adding a networked printer, scanner or additional computer? Call Akua Solutions and have us get your new devices on your network.

Home File Server Setup

Get access to your downloaded music and movies, pictures, and personal files from every networked computer in your home. Call Akua Solutions and have us set up a Home File Server for your home network.

Wireless Security

How secure is your wireless network? The default setting on most wireless access points and routers is "no security". This oversight leaves many wireless networks wide open and vulnerable to anyone in range. Don't put yourself at unnecessary risk, call Akua Solutions today and have us secure your network.